Blackwood Park Cottages | 'Winter is Coming' at Blackwood Park Cottages ...
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29 Jan ‘Winter is Coming’ at Blackwood Park Cottages …

… but hopefully not for a while!

It was three years ago, 29/01/14 when Bim & Ian moved in and took over this beautiful slice of paradise. Despite Floods & Fires we’ve enjoyed our time here and met some amazing people and really enjoyed being able to see something new each and every day. Whilst we have a bottle of bubbles nestled carefully in the fridge it may become more medicinal than celebratory as the day wears on. We are still feeling the aches and pains from yesterday’s ‘Hay Day’!

Yesterday saw us bringing in our hay, storing it to feed our livestock during the Winter months. It was a good day, with a few friends to help, plenty to laugh about, a couple of snags afterwards and something to wash them down with!


It was an early start as usual, trying to get everything out of the way so that we’d be freed up to focus on the hay. It’s quick work if you’re driving the tractor to rake and bale …


… but then comes the job of bringing it all in and storing it for the Winter. We ended up with approximately twice our harvest from last year, which is great! Two UTEs + Trailers, 3 hours in the sun, almost time for some refreshment. One less pressure is always good 🙂 Here are a couple of our indispensable crew …


Big Thanks to Jayden & Caleb, Zane, Michael & Donna. This was the last run and Jayden was determined we weren’t coming back for another run, so the spare wheel on the trailer became the perfect spot for the last bale. Done!! Well, almost – we still had to unload both UTEs and Trailers at the other end, but you could just get a whiff of the snags Bim was cooking and pretty soon we were all down in the shade and enjoying our well-gotten gains 🙂