Blackwood Park Cottages | First Honey Harvest!!
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04 Feb First Honey Harvest!!

For those that have been following our apiarist exploits, today we harvested 3/4 of our first frame of eight, in our #3 Hive out of 4. This suggests that if we were to harvest everything we’d be looking at 64 tubs of honey! or approx 32 kilos!!! If anybody has any recipe ideas for our honey and figs, or any of our other fruit / veg please let us know.


As you know, we’re not actually going to harvest as much as we’d like to this year as we’d like to see the bees through their first year, but the hive that seems to be the strongest looks set for another couple of frames to be harvested around 4-5th March and then we’ll settle them down for Autumn / Winter.

Another little harvest we’ve had today are eggs! Yes, ‘we know that you know’ that we have a glut of eggs, but the laying spot has changed. Since we had the problem with feral cats a few weeks ago some of the chooks took to roosting close to the house. When I mean ‘close to the house’ I mean in Bim’s Geranium display under the kitchen window!! Geraniums are gone, straw is substituted and now the hens like the spot …


Talk about delivery to the front door!!!