Blackwood Park Cottages | What a hectic few days ...
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18 Feb What a hectic few days …

Since Karen & Sean’s arrival a few days ago there’s been so much activity that Tommy & Charlie have decided to take refuge in front of the stove! Nothing new there I say !!

Here’s our new Araucana with her chicks venturing out for the first time the other evening. A nice gentle hour outside whilst it’s still light to range about until there were four of us trying to herd them back into the coop to be safe through the night.


And here they were today, being taught how to have a dirt bath, forage for food and enjoy a bit of sunshine …


We have a new Bee Keeper. Armed with only a Kevlar J-S Sean proceeds to dismantle the Honey Super on one of the hives –


… should be just enough for Mrs Mead’s toast in the morning 🙂 What a hero!


And with a few harvests of out own over the last few days (Blueberries on Thursday and Potatoes today)


it only leaves time for Sean & Karen to get stuck into feeding the Alpacas. I think this were taken just before the ‘Pacas decided to share their Afternoon Tea with Sean 😉