Blackwood Park Cottages | Kiss me Honey, Honey, kiss me ...
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22 Apr Kiss me Honey, Honey, kiss me …

Well, here it is, the last draw of honey we’re going to make before next Spring! We’re keen to let the bees settle down for Autumn / Winter and ensure they’ve got enough honey of their own to see them through. It’s been a really interesting first 6 months as a Bee Keeper. We’ve ended up with two really strong hives, producing huge amounts of honey. We lost one hive very early on, which was pretty ‘light on’ from Day 1 and always struggled. We’ve also lost one over time, and no amount of trying to strengthen it with frames from the strong hives has helped. The interesting thing that has helped the huge learning curve is to have multiple hives to compare what is working and what is not. Ian thinks that he’s finally over his aversion to bees and is looking forward to starting next season with two strong hives from the outset and introducing two new ones!

Being novice Bee Keepers it has become blatantly obvious (we should have known about this before!) that the honey changes in flavour from month-to-month and even week-to-week as the bees harvest nectar from the varying flowers in bloom at the time of the year.

It’s been a busy, although relaxing occupation to take up over the last several months. You can’t rush bees. Slow and steady. Now with all that honey a drizzle needs a home-made Camembert and freshly harvested Walnuts ….

We’ll keep you posted 🙂