Blackwood Park Cottages | Stairway to Heaven?
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22 Apr Stairway to Heaven?

I suppose it depends on what is waiting at the top!! In this case Belinda has recycled her homemade bread (best fed chickens I know!) for a bit of a feed.


A whole mix of chooks – Araucanas (one of the original breeds and from Chile, they actually lay green shelled eggs!), Rhode Island Reds & Isa Browns always like a bit of afternoon tea.

Autumn is truly with us, with Bim’s Maples turning that beautiful red in the Autumn climate, the Lavenders are coming out for a second show and the Salvia still attracting the Bumble Bees (only in TAS and not on the North Island!). Colours are fantastic and BBs are idyllic.


IMG_0891 IMG_0889 IMG_0896

And what do you do once the day is nearly over (?) – get ready for making Green Tomato Chutney!!


PS: the fire is burning and it’s lovely and warm 🙂