Blackwood Park Cottages | Sloe down, we move too fast!
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30 Apr Sloe down, we move too fast!

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks on the farm whilst being on vacation! The bee hives are wintered down; we’ve spent some quality time with friends and family; re-stocking on wood for the stove and the cottages; and on this the last day before returning to work, we processed our first batch of Sloe Gin and Vanilla Essence (both being steeped for 12 months + 🙂 ) – a word of advice is not to do this on a Sunday morning as apparently you need to keeping tasting it as you add the sugar syrup! Well, instructions are instructions and I suppose it would be rude not to follow them to the letter. Thank you John & Karen Dade for leaving the perfect sized bottles for our first batch 🙂 A bottle is being secreted away in a little known spot for your next visit!

Fortunately we got the blend pretty good early on, so not too many tastes but it did allow us to lay down Batch #2:


Now the real difficulty with this whole process, on a Sunday morning, after a few tastes, is to have a good friend turn up who is in the process of setting up a Gin Distillery. He only needs a third partner – what could possibly go wrong?

We’re going to try and take things a little slower next weekend as we do our next batch of Camembert!