The Gardens

The gardens are Belinda’s life and passion. As a qualified Horticulturist she’s bringing together a long-held dream of bringing together a vision and what was in place when we took over the property at the start of 2014.


Glasshouse & Fresh Produce

A number of very distinct and tranquil garden rooms have been established for the enjoyment of all of our guests.


Last year’s big project was to establish our traditional wood and glass greenhouse, surrounded by raised vegetable beds.

As we progress, we hope to see our guests helping themselves to the fruit, vegetables and herbs during their stay.

We plan to identify what’s ready to harvest.

The taste of fresh produce is second to none, so we hope you’ll enjoy.

Invitation to ‘Open Garden’ and future plans

Winter often sees snow settle around the cottages and the grounds take on a whole new look. It’s great to know that you can explore the snow-covered gardens in the knowledge that the log-fire is waiting for your return.


From November 2016 sees Blackwood Park Cottages being invited to open the gardens as part of the regional ‘Open Garden’ event, joining Wychwood, Old Wesleydale and Marakoopa Caves.

After just three years since starting on the gardens this is a great privilege. We know we have a long way to go but appreciate the recognition of what Belinda is building.

Another challenge we have is trying to design and implement a year-round source of food for our bees.

Whilst bees are less active in the colder months they still feed so we’re choosing our plants carefully to ensure year-round source of nutrition for ourselves and our bees.