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Westmorland Falls

These beautiful falls were recognised as a major attraction in earlier editions of the Lonely Planet Guide. The track, which offers a 2 hour return walk, is currently undergoing improvement by Parks and Wildlife, in readiness, hopefully, for wider promotion.
In the meantime it remains largely unknown, to be enjoyed by the adventurous, who don’t mind a few creek crossings where a little agility is required. Unspoiled rainforest surrounds the high, magnificent cascade of Westmorland Falls, as well as a series of smaller cascades in the surrounding area and along the way there. Access to the track is via Caveside Road (C169), about 5 minutes from Mole Creek.

Parsons Track

Parsons Track offers a 6 hour return walk from the foothills to the sandstone rock which is visible near the top of the Great Western Tiers looking south from Mole Creek village. If you don’t want to walk the whole way, shorter walks will take you to signposted landmarks along the Track -Hills Logging Hut (2 hours return), Norms Spring and Loftys Lookout (3 hours return) and Haberles Hut ( 4 hours return).
Access is via Caveside Road (C169), right into Pool Road, left into Fernleigh Road and right into Parsons Road. About 10 minutes’ drive from Mole Creek.

Lobster Falls

A 2 hour return walk through forest to Lobster Falls lower cascade. The track follows a route high above the river before dropping down steeply to the river bank. A side track will take you to the upper cascade and another to a ledge overlooking the lower falls. The start of this walk is signposted on road B12 nearing the top of the rise which follows a long, straight section of road east of Chudleigh.

Getting There: Approx 10 minutes’ drive from Mole Creek.

Rinadeena Falls

This easy 2 hour return walk offers lots of photographic opportunities and spectacular forests. The track is easy walking, following old logging roads up the valley through stands of young myrtle and across the swiftly flowing Little Fisher River. After about 20 minutes walking, the track leaves the old roads and begins to climb gently up the valley, following the course of the river.

Getting There: About 1 hour 15 minutes’ drive from Mole Creek village, in the upper Mersey Valley.

Western Creek Tracks

Westrope Road at Western Creek gives access to several tracks which climb the face of the Great Western Tiers and offer magnificent views along the way. These include:

    • Higgs Track, leading to Lady Lake and the restored Lady Lake Mountain Hut (3 hours return)
    • Western Creek Track
    • Syds Track (2 hours return)
    • Mother Cummings Peak Track (3 hours return)

Getting There: From Mole Creek, take Caveside Road (C169) until you see the sign for Western Creek. Turn right and follow that road to Westrope Road. Approx 15 minutes drive from Mole Creek.

Meander Forest Reserve

Enjoy a full day’s walk to Meander Falls (5 – 6 hours return) where you can experience Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage Area – and possibly not see another single person!

Other walks within the Meander Forest Reserve include:

    • Chasm Falls and Zig-Zag Rock Track (3 – 4 hours)
    • Split Rock Track (2 – 3 hours)
    • Stone Hut/Bastion Cascade Circuit (5 – 6 hours)

Getting There: Access from Mole Creek is via Western Creek to Meander, then follow the signs to Meander Forest Reserve. There is a bush toilet and shelter hut provided at the car park. Approx 20 minutes’ drive from Mole Creek.

Mt Roland Walk Tracks

Mt Roland Walk Tracks A 4 hour (10 km) return walk, starting at Gowrie Park, will take you to the summit of Mt Roland, the huge rugged mountain seen at the western end of the valley in which Mole Creek lies. The walk begins in forest and has a moderate incline, following a 4WD track for the first section and passing by a couple of waterfalls and creeks. Once you reach the log bridge across Oneills Creek, the track narrows and starts to climb. 30 minutes climb will bring you to the saddle at 900 feet, from which point you can see Reggie Falls. A track to the left will take you on to the summit of Mt Roland, rising gently across the plateau with the summit approximately one hour’s walk. At the summit you can enjoy spectacular 360 degree views to Bass Strait, Cradle Mountain and Barn Bluff. There is also a steeper and more difficult 6.5 km track to the summit from Kings Road (about 4 hours return).

Access to these Mt Roland walk tracks is from the north side of the mountain. Take the B12/C138 towards Cradle Mountain and follow that route to the Sheffield-Cradle Mountain Road (C136). Turn right towards Sheffield, then, for the easier track, right just past Gowrie Park into Oneills Road where, about 1 km along, there is a carpark at the start of the track. Continue further along C136 to Claude Rd and turn right into Kings Road for the more difficult track.

To return to Mole Creek by a different route after your walk, turn right out of Oneills Road or Kings Road, toward Sheffield, then right into road C137, which will take you on a scenic drive across the Gog Range, rejoining the B12 five km west of Mole Creek.

Getting There: Approx 1 hours drive from Mole Creek. There is also a track to the summit of Mt Roland which starts from the Mt Round Lookout parking area (at about the 650 m level) on Olivers Road (C138), before it reaches the C136.

"The wilderness can be a harsh and unforgiving place - unwary bushwalkers have lost their lives by not respecting it. Careful planning is essential and Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania offers these Plan to be Safe Bushwalking in Tasmania Guidelines."

Liffey Falls

There are two walking tracks through beautiful rainforest to Liffey Falls, which is part of Tasmania’s World Heritage area. The 45 minute return walk from the top car park offers developed picnic facilities and a shorter, higher grade walking track. The alternative track from the lower car park offers minimal facilities and a longer and less developed walking track. Access to the upper track from Mole Creek is via Deloraine or Western Creek to Lake Highway, then Riversdale Road (just follow the signs).

Getting There: Approx 35 minutes’ drive from Mole Creek.

Quamby Bluff Track

A steep walk to the top of Quamby Bluff is rewarded with 360 degree panoramic views across the Great Western Tiers, as far as Launceston and Devonport on a clear day. About 4 – 5 hours return.

Getting There: Access from Mole Creek is via Deloraine or Western Creek and Lake Highway. Approx 25 minutes’ drive from Mole Creek.

Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain National Park offers a wonderful range of walks. If a short visit combined with perhaps a half day’s walking is what you are looking for, then Mole Creek offers an easy day trip – and a stunningly scenic 1.5 hours each way drive. The Dove Lake Circuit is a must do and our particular favourite is the Enchanted Walk starting near the Visitors Centre.

Getting There: View more information about Cradle Mountain below


Fern Glade Walk

This short (30 minute return) all-weather walk starts at the Marakoopa Cave ticket office and leads to the cave entrance, following the creek as it tumbles down the hillside from inside the cave itself. You can enjoy this walk for its own sake, or as a part of your cave experience; just leave yourself 15 minutes before your tour departure time and leave your car at the ticket office carpark, rather than driving up to the cave entrance.

Getting There: Drive west from Mole Creek on road B12 until you see the sign for Marakoopa Cave and drive up to the ticket office. About 15 minutes from Mole Creek.

The Upper Mersey Valley

The Walls of Jerusalem National Park, at the end of Mersey Forest Road (the last 10 km gravel) is considered to be one of Tasmania’s most beautiful wilderness areas. The park offers a range of walks.

Along the way you will find:

    • Gadds Falls Track -a 30 minute return walk, climbing up beside Gadds Creek as it tumbles down to the Mersey River; series of small cascades lead to a waterfall
    • Arm River Forest Reserve offers many walks through forest and along the river to the Arm Falls
    • Lees Paddocks Track starts at the south end of Lake Rowallan ( 4 hour return)
    • Chalice Falls Track is a 6 hour return walk, starting at the end of Mersey Forest Road, past Lees Paddocks
    • Rinadeena Falls Track is a wonderful 4 hour return walk. Turn off Mersey Forest Road into Dublin Plains Road, then into Fisher Road

Getting There: Take road B12 west from Mole Creek, past the Caves to the Mersey Forest Road, and follow the signs to Walls of Jerusalem. The road is sealed as far as Lake Parangana. About 50 minutes’ drive from Mole Creek.